Devastator is awesome and terrifying. The greatest, most powerful, and the first Transformer gestalt is a bizarre yet ingenious result of the six Constructicons Scrapper, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Hook, and Bonecrusher joining together to form a single giant robot. Though ungainly and plodding, he is brutality in it's purest form; a mechanical being whose sole purpose in life is to crush and destroy all that stands in its path. Devastator's brain is a melding of the six minds of the Constructicons. However, his thoughts are limited to what the six can agree on, and the carrying out of complex thoughts is severely limited by these competing minds. Devastator is a creature of almost pure instinct - his actions being simple, direct and extremely violent.

Abilities: Standing over 60 feet tall, Devastator possesses enormous strength. His solar energy rifle shoots a 10,000 degree Centigrade heat beam up to a distance of six miles. Devastator has many of the abilities of his component parts.

Weaknesses: Even though Devastator has many of the abilities of his components, he is limited in their use because of his awkward form and lumbering mental processes that allow him to be easily outfoxed by most opponents.

Appearances: Devastator appeared in the Television episodes "Heavy Metal War," "City of Steel," "The Core," "Autobot Run," "Desertion of the Dinobots Part 1," "The Secret of Omega Supreme," "Master Builders," "Triple Takeover," "Starscream's Brigade," "The Five Faces of Darkness Part 1," "Carnage in C-Minor," and "The Burden Hardest to Bear" He appeared in comic issues 10, 19, and issue TJ 4.

Toy Line: In the American toy line, the Constructicon gift set included each Constructicon, their accessories, and a giant label sheet that included the labels for each Constructicon. Collectible items printed on the back of the packaging included a tech spec and robot points. Unlike any other gift set, the back of the box only had Devastator's tech spec.
Also released on the American toy line was an "Action Master Devastator." He came with a gun that could transform into a scorpion called "Scorpulator."

|| Devastator's label sheet || Devastator's Instructions G1 ||
|| Devastator's tech spec G1 || Action Master Devastator's tech spec ||
|| Devastator's tech spec G2 (fan produced) ||
Variations on toy line: Devastator - Green and purple combination of all six Constructicons; Yellow and purple combination of all six Constructicons (G2); Orange and purple combination of all six Constructicons (G2); Purple Decoy and Red Decoy #48
Devastator Action Master - No transformation (lime green & purple Constructicon gestalt) w/ black & green "Scorpulator" scorpion/cannon
Trading cards featuring Transformer box art and screen grabs were available for the almost the entire run of the original toy line. Click here to view Devastator's trading card

Additional Information: In the cartoon series of Transformers, Arthur Burghardt made the voice of the greatest Transformer in existence, Devastator. He devoted all his voice talents on the show to Devastator alone. In Japan Devastator was referred to as "Devastar."

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