With the care and precision of a fine jeweler, Hook performs job with a skill unparalleled among all the Transformers. It doesn't matter whether he's reconnecting a damaged microchip or setting a two ton girder into place- in each case perfection is his final goal. Perhaps because he is a perfectionist he has a snobbish, supercilious attitude toward his fellow Constructicons, since he considers them generally crude and dim-witted. Although Hook may not win any popularity contests, there's no denying his superior abilities and the important role they have in the Decepticons' evil schemes.

Abilities: In vehicular mode, Hook can use his crane to lift objects weighing up to 20 tons. In positioning these objects, his error tolerance less than .00001%. In robot mode he shows equal precision repairing comrades as the Decepticon surgeon. He carries a rocket launcher in vehicular mode and a laser pistol in robot mode. He serves as the shoulders and head module that, when combined with his fellow Constructicons, forms the giant robot known as Devastator.

Weaknesses: The extreme care Hook takes in performing his job often slows down his work to the point of antagonizing his fellow Decepticons and endangering whatever operation they are involved in. Overuse of his crane can result in metal stress fractures.

Appearances: Hook appeared in the T.V. episodes "Heavy Metal War," "City of Steel," "Day of the Machines," "The Core," "Autobot Run," "Microbots," "Megatron's Master Plan Part 2," "Desertion of the Dinobots Part 1," "Make Tracks," "The Secret of Omega Supreme," "Master Builders," "Girl Who Loved Powerglide," "Triple Takeover," "Starscream's Brigade," "Masquerade," "The Five Faces of Darkness," "Fight or Flee," "Carnage in C-Minor," "The Burden Hardest to Bear," and the Rebirth Part 1. He appeared in the comic book issues 10, 19, TJ 4, 37, 39, 41, and G2 issue number 7.

Toy Line: On the Hasbro toy line, Hook was Constructicon #4. The package the figure came in included a crane, robot head, laser pistol, label sheet, and Devastator instruction sheet. Collectible items printed on the back of the packaging included a tech spec and robot points.

|| Hook's Instructions G1 || Hook's Instructions G2 ||
|| Hook's tech spec G1 || Hook's tech spec G2 ||
Variations on toy line: Green and purple crane; Yellow, purple, and grey crane (E); Yellow and purple crane (G2); Orange and purple crane (G2); Purple Decoy and Red Decoy #42
Trading cards featuring Transformer box art and screen grabs were available for the almost the entire run of the original toy line. Click here to view Hook's trading card

Additional information: Neil Ross was the voice actor for both Hook and Bonecrusher. Other transformer voices he did were Springer, Slag, Cosmos, Sixshot, Pointblank, Crosshairs, Fracas, and Monzo.

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