It has been over six years since I started this site and there are a lot of people I'd like to thank.

Jeff Tindall - Thanks to this guy's constant nagging- I mean suggestions, I have a better understanding of HTML. He gave me the brushed metal image I used to touch up the menus and such on my site. The last update had some big format changes, and without Jeff to help me with some of the mind-boggling HTML problems I'd still be lost.

Mike Batson - Come on, I've gotta thank my brother! He's given me objectionable advise whenever I needed it, he showed me how to make sound files and got me interested in Snappy (used for my screen grabs). My site would have a lot less material if he didn't introduce me to new media.

Fabian Borges - I wanted an icon of Devastator for my personal use, and this guy agreed to make one. I provided the image of which I removed the background to with PC Paintbrush. He liked my work so much I did it for him about 150 more times (with different Transformers each time). Too bad I didn't know about Photoshop back then. Anyhow, without him I never would have developed my picture editing skills to the degree I have today.

Steve Neratko - The biggest thanks for my site have to go to this guy. One day he showed me how fun the internet could be. My brother got excited when I told him about it and decided to check it out too. The day after that, we had net access ourselves. Who knows where I'd be today without the net ( probably 100 lbs lighter with an active social life! :D ). Steve also taught me how to write some basic HTML with the help of "The Bare Bones Guide to HTML." I would still be cowering in fear of HTML. I'd also probably be using Tripod's basic page editor.

Of course, I'd also like to thank those who have allowed me to use their material on this site. It was all the images I found online that made me want to make this site in the first place. There have also been people that have offered me help along the way with problems like making transparent gifs and image maps. I regret that I've long since lost their names but they still deserve my thanks. An of course, thank you Hasbro for making the Transformers.

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