Constructicons are construction vehicle-based Decepticons. They have the ability to combine to form Devastator. Unlike many such gestalts, the Constructicons are not interchangeable in forming the combined robot. The Autorollers only existed on the toy line and never appeared in the cartoon or comic book.

Cartoon Bio:

They first appeared in an episode titled "Heavy Metal War." Full of apparent contradictions, the cartoon seems to remain undecided as to how the Constructicons came about. The way stated in "Heavy Metal War" was that the Decepticons built them in the caverns near the their "temporary" base.
The second way stated was the Constructicons were once Autobots who were friends with the Guardian Omega Supreme in the distant past. Able to create incredible and beautiful structures, their skills were prized and admired. Megatron, who had created a device capable of turning an Autobot into a Decepticon (the robo-smasher), used it on the Constructicons. In turn, they lured Omega Supreme away from Crystal City and destroyed it. As a result, Omega held a long-standing grudge against them.
In 2005, Devastator was used as the main weapon against Autobot City's big guns. He succeeded, but the intervention of the Dinobots kept him from joining the main battle. After retreating with the rest of the Decepticons in Astrotrain, the Constructicons vied for leadership, but Starscream won in the end. A year later, they were commissioned to build Trypticon, who in turn destroyed the Ark.
In Five Faces of Darkness, Rodimus Prime saw the Constructicons creating Megatron through the Matrix. Many believe this to be highly suspicious evidence to say the least. It has been speculated that it was just his own mind filling in the gaps with familiar characters, just like our own minds do in our dreams.

Comic Bio:

The Constructicons first appeared in issue number 10. They were created on Shockwave's orders after he captured Optimus Prime and took control of the Creation Matrix. Devastator was first seen protecting a giant communications relay which Soundwave was using to contact Cybertron. Although a human was able to disconnect the relay, a message had already gone through. Knowing what an advantage gestalt technology was, Optimus led a diversionary assault on the Decepticons, solely for the purpose of tricking the Constructicons into combining. They did, and the nearby Bumblebee was able to record the event with scientific equipment. The technology would eventually be used to create the Aerialbots. After this, Devastator only appeared once more to fight Superion, who won. The Constructicons were later used as a rescue team, breaking into the Ark during a large-scale battle and freeing several Decepticons who had been captured by Omega Supreme.

Most of above material was provided by Stan Lui's Transformer Encyclopedia.

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