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The contents of this page are trademarks of Marvel comics and Hasbro. This site is not ment to infringe upon their copyrights and is for entertainment purposes only.

The Beast Machines font used in the images on this site were made available by Neale Davidson.

Variations on toy line information is provided by Msipher

Devastator instruction sheet and Generation 1 Constructicon Instructions provided by a person that used to go by the name David321.

Devastator and Omega art provided by Randall Lilly

Screen grabs from "The Master Builders" were provided by Sarai

"The Master Builder" screen grab information provided by Rikk Bakke

Screen grabs from "The Transformers: The Movie" entitled "unite.jpg," "prepare.jpg," and "throwsludge.jpg" were provided by rlamb

Devastator Label Sheet provided by Chris Van Tilborg

All pictures are mine unless stated otherwise. If you see your pictures on my page and I did not receive proper credit, please inform me immediately at xaraxus@hotmail.com

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