Not Constructicons

Roadblock is always angry. Extremely combative. Enjoys pushing other Decepticons around, but only if they're weaker than himself. Recon missions are his specialty. Clears battle perimeters of fallen Autobot wreckage in minutes with heavy-duty front end "super shovel." Has no fear of engaging an enemy. Uses spinning saw blades to slice open armor like a machete through birthday cake. Fires powerful "penatrator" missiles that bore through double-thick, armor-plated shielding to assure Autobot destruction.

Dirtbag carries massive amounts of munitions into battle to support Decepticon troops. If Autobots begin to achieve victory, he instantly converts into robot warrior mode to join the fight. Armed with a devastating double-shot missile launcher and crusher claw, he's a formidable fighter despite lack of agility and speed. Titanium/steel composite armor allows resistance to faser fire-but also hinders overall combat efficiency.

Toy Line: On the Hasbro toy line, each Autoroller included a vehicle with launcher, pop-up card, 4 missiles, and instructions. Collectible items printed on the back of the packaging included a tech spec and robot points.

|| Roadblock's Instructions page 1 || Roadblock's Instructions page 2 || Roadblock's tech spec ||
|| Dirtbag's Instructions page 1 || Dirtbag's Instructions page 2 || Dirtbag's tech spec ||

Variations on toy line: Roadblock - lime and grey payloader; Dirtbag - lime and grey dump truck

Pop-up trading cards featuring Transformer box art were available for the final run of the Generation 2 toy line released in the US.

|| Click here to view Roadblock’s trading card || Click here to view Dirtbag’s trading card ||

Note: The Autorollers are not Constructicons.

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