The Secret of Omega Supreme

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Omega proclaims the Constructicons' fate

Omega Supreme: "Constructicons? Constructicons enemies, enemies die."
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Omega tries to fix the Constructicons

Omega Supreme: "Quit squirming, this is for your own good. I'm going to re-program you back to your old selves if it is the last thing I do!"
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Devastator mocks Omega Supreme

Devastator: "Quit squirming, this is for your own good!" Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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Omega approaches the asteroid

Hook: "Uh oh, if it isn't old Omega Supreme."
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Scrapper taunting Omega

Scrapper: "Well old friend, that robo-smasher certainly gave you a mean streak. Too bad it didn't finish the job! You're a waist of a perfectly good robot!"
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Omega makes another threat

Scrapper: "Well, aren't you going to stop that thing before it chews up your precious planet Earth?" Omega Supreme: "Creature lives, you die!"
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Omega entices the Constructicons to merge

Bonecrusher: "What if we all just split up?"
Scrapper: "Then he'd hunt us down one at a time."
Bonecrusher: "Then I say we unite!"
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Megatron wants his big guns

Megatron: "Hook, how long will it take you to convert this generator to a long range blaster?"
Hook: "Only a few minutes."
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