Ah, Crystal City. The most magnificent city on Cybertron. It was built by the Constructicons.
The Constructicons talk to Omega Supreme outside of "Crystal City." They wanted to talk about anything because it had been a while since the last time they talked.
Megatron and his robosmasher wait in an alley to convert an unsuspecting Autobot.
The dreaded Robosmasher about to convert the Constructicons into Decepticons. Naturally, Scrapper is a bit worried.
Omega Supreme tried to fix the Constructicons after they destroyed Crystal City. He says to Scrapper "Quit Squirming, this is for your own good!"
The Constructicons lie about another city needing Omegaís help. Devastator forms behind Omega Supreme's then proceeds to hold him down for the Robosmasher. He says to Omega "Quit Squirming, this is for your own good!"
The Constructicons retreat after Omega Supreme destroyed the Robosmasher. Omega failed to become a Decepticon, but he would never be the same, living only for vengence against the Constructicons.
In present time, Omega Supreme flies to the "asteroid" (actually an egg) and attacks the Constructicons who were mining some ore. The Constructicons dodge him several times.
Here is Devastator and Omega Supreme on Earth. Omega grabbed Devastator and threw him up against a mountain. It seems that Omega Supreme could easily kick Devastatorís ass.
At the end of the episode, Optimus Prime says to Omega that maybe one day he might be the way he was on Cybertron (happy and talking like a normal Autobot). He replies "Possibility, growing" and his eyes begin to water.

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