Heavy Metal War

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The Constructicon's first lines

Scrapper: "Right stupid human, we are the Constructicons, we drive ourselves."
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Scrapper threatens a construction worker

Scrapper: "Foolish man of flesh! If you interfere with us, you will be terminated."
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The Constructicons return to the temporary base

Megatron: "My Constructicons have returned to our temporary base right on schedule. They were worth the time we spent building them in these caverns. Scrapper, report!"
Scrapper: "All present or accounted for noble leader. Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Hook, and myself."
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The Constructicons under Autobot Headquarters

Scrapper: "Careful Scrounge (working name for Scavenger), this volcano is indeed active."
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The Constructicons breaking into Autobot Headquarters

Scavenger: "Now, the Autobot computer Teletran 1 is just beyond this cavern ceiling."
Scrapper: "We'll have to blast through. Mixmaster, we need acid."
Mixmaster: "Okay. Ehm, let's mix us some, ah, eh, H2SO4 with eh, erh HCl with eh, I know! I'll combine some of each of the strongest acids."
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The Constructicon's first encounter with the Dinobots

Hook: "It's bad news Scrapper, they've brought out the heavy artillery."
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The first Constructicon merging sequence

Scrapper: "Constructicons, transform, phase 1! Now, transform, phase 2!"
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Devastator's first line

Devastator: "Prepare to meet your doom, nothing can withstand the might of, Devastator!"
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Devastator makes a claim

Devastator: "Nothing defeats the Devastator, nothing!"
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Extension of the previous file; a hologram confronts Devastator.

Devastator: "Nothing defeats the Devastator, nothing!"
Hologram:"Nothing little one? Ha ha ha! What would you say about me? Ha ha ha ha ha!"
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