Q1. Where can I get Devastator, or any other Transformer?

A1. As I'm no longer searching for Devastator myself, my best advice would be to check out the relavent dealers on my "Dealer Links" page.

Q2. Where can I get Transformer episodes?

A2. Most places that sell DVDs and VHS online carry the Kid Rhino releases of the show. The best place to go in my experience has always been Buy.com.

Q3. How many versions of Devastator/Constructicons were made?

A3. At least four, not including variants. There were the original G1 lime green Constructicons, the yellow G2 Constructicons, orange G2 Constructicons, and the European yellow and gray Constructicons that lack the ability to merge into Devastator. There was also an Action Master Devastator that had a transforming gun (Scorpulator) but like all of the American released Action Masters, he did not have the ability to transform. Before the official "Transformers" came out, there was a toy line called Diaclone, and they has multi-colored construction vehicles that could combine. These were the figures Hasbro eventually re-colored to make the Constructicons.

Q4. Who are the Autorollers? Were toys of them made?

A4. The Autorollers were not really Constructicons, but I really liked them. They were lime green Decepticon construction vehicles, and that's all they needed to be honorary Constructicons in my mind. Autorollers where Transformers that could transform by toggling a switch and pushing them forward for robot mode, backward for vehicle mode. There were recolors of Roadblock and Dirtbag named General Optimus Prime and Sergeant Prowl, but they were never released. In Japan, Beast Wars II gained two additional Autorollors made from previously unreleased prototypes.

Q5. Why not do pages about gestalts other than Devastator?

A5. The main reason is time. I just don't have enough of it to do all the things I want. I have two major sites to maintain and one suplimentary site that is in serious need of an update.

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